Saturday, 20 June 2015

Weekly Playlist #1

So I will be making this a weekly feature, a list of 10 songs that have been my Playlist for that given week.
This week I have been working super hard helping my best friend finish his decorating last minute, painting, cleaning and with general moral support too!

This week seems quite a rock based one as I feel they have a good rhythm for painting and great lyrics too! Songs that are fun, that don't have a serious vibe so are great for being with friends and eliminating stress!
So here is my weekly playlist: They're all linked directly to YouTube so have a listen if you wish!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

When The World Gets In My Face I Say.. Have A Nice Day! #ootd

I'm absolutely addicted to the western and fringe trend this Summer and I can't wait to get my hands on some more pieces! This cut-out suede vest is just so perfect to shove on with jeans, shorts or a denim skirt for an awesome look that really keeps you cool too! A perfect top to battle the lovely heat we've been having and to keep me comfortable. It's the perfect length with cut-out to make you feel summery without bearing your tummy too.
You know when  you just find a piece that you try on and instantly want to live in it as it makes you feel so amazing?? That is this top!
Skinny Topshop jeans and desert boots is what completed this look and it all just made me feel completely awesome!

Suede Cut-Out Vest - MISO
Skinny Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Red Studded Belt - Kate's Clothing
Desert Boots - T K Maxx

Friday, 5 June 2015

Favourite Outfits this week! #ootd

Converse - Amazon UK
Blue Tights - Primark
Denim Shorts - Criminal Damage
Belt Buckle - Famous Stars & Straps
Gamer Tshirt - TeeFury
Hoodie - Primark (Men's)

White Shirt - Asda George
GreenDay Tee - Vintage
Ripped Jeans - Asda George

'A' Jumper - Vero Moda / Amazon UK
Tartan Trousers - Camden Market

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Health & Fitness Update - Week 9

So this week has been a continuation and I'm seriously thinking I need to start changing up my meals a bit! I am still enjoying food but I just really do't want my meals to start feeling boring.. I love food and flavours so I think adding in more fruits and vegetables with different textures might definitely help..
We have also added in a larger breakfast of 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of Wholemeal Seeded Bread and it is honestly delicious!

New Puma workout clothes!

I can say that I am enjoying food so much more now that I am eating more healthily and having one 'treat' a week.. This week our treat was the New York Classic at McDonalds and it was yummy but super filling! Although I did indulge in the large meal with a side of Mozzarella dippers too! I stuck to water for my drink though as I completely cut out fizzy drinks 9 weeks ago, this has made me feel a lot less lethargic and actually less thirsty! Fizzy Drinks I used to find made me thirsty even after i'd drunk them?! How strange is that!

Jillian Michael's is continuing to have a big impact and although I still feel half-dead at the end of the workout I also feel a lot stronger and can now get through the routine without stopping more than once, I just still really struggle with press-up's as apparently my arms have no strength at all!
I admit my stomach does look more toned than ever before and that really feels good knowing that my work is paying off and I can actually See the results.. It's amazing what only 30 minutes a day from home can do!

I am also super proud of the mister as he has worked harder than ever this week:
Drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day (500-750ml)
Pushing himself to the limit when doing the workout
Taking Vitamin B-Complex tablets and drinking more Green Tea
Added in a Larger Breakfast to work off throughout the day
All this has resulted in him losing 3 pounds this week and he is ecstatic about this! Especially since for the last 2 weeks he'd hit a plateau at 13 Stone and he's now dropped to 12 Stone 11.5lb!

For the next week it's just continuing to work hard and trying to reap as many rewards as we can!
Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Health & Fitness Update 1 - 8 weeks through

Starting around 8 weeks ago me and the boyfriend went on a health-kick, basically an entire lifestyle change surrounding exercise and food.
Summer is a great motivation and as we have quite a few events coming up in July it gave us a great goal that is within reaching distance without things being achievable.
From when we started, we had 16 weeks:

Our Original Goals:
Eat smaller portions
Add more fruit & veg to our diet
Reduce caffeine intake
Feel generally healthier
Add in exercise
Lose a little weight

So how much has changed in 8 weeks?
Basically the entirety of our old lifestyle! We still eat things we enjoy, just not everyday and I definitely feel healthier than I think I ever have before!

  • We are successfully and easily eating smaller portions but of better foods to keep us going (and make us actually feel full!) until the next meal. We have 1 snack in the day too when doing multiple exercises
  • We have added lots of salad and fruit to our diet and will  shortly be introducing more vegetables in too
  • We have reduced our caffeine intake by cutting out all fizzy drinks and drinking green tea as well as our usual coffee, therefore drinking a maximum of 2 coffees per day
  • I feel generally healthier as I find it easier to get up in a morning and I feel motivated and energised most of the time! It's actually amazing you can feel so positive just by changing the little things!
  • We have been walking atleast 2 miles at a time, 4 days a week - whether that's to the local supermarket or the main town - luckily the weather has been quite kind to us lately. 4 days ago we also started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and it is definitely making an impact in a good way! I feel stronger in my arms and legs but it still breaks me into quite a big sweat, that feels amazing after you complete the 30 minutes daily
  • The boyfriend has done amazingly weight-wise and has in total lost 1 stone and 8 pounds so far! Both our aims are juts to stay feeling healthier and get a little more toned in the coming weeks

Honestly the Jillian Michaels dvd above really does work! I ploughed through the reviews on Amazon and thought I'd give it a go and I'm so happy I took the plunge. You simply need is a tshirt, joggers, some hand weights and an exercise mat - although I suggest you do wear shoes even doing it in the living room as some exercises can begin to hurt your  feet without proper footwear - the boyfriend treated me to these Puma Running Trainers the other day! I love them so much!!

It's great to read through this and realise how much simple exercise and healthy eating have impacted in such a short space of time!
I will be now putting an update up weekly until our goal date which is July 18th (My big brother's wedding day!)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Kalila Blue Jewellery

Kalila Blue are a brand I stumbled across on Facebook when they were hosting a lovely giveaway for a pair of Lily Earrings. What struck me first about them was that the design was completely unique and beautifully crafted, something you don't often see in a lot of new jewellery designs that pop up on your social media feed!
I was so excited to find out that I won the giveaway and I gifted the earrings to my lovely mum for Mother's Day and she completely fell in love with them!

Her first reaction were that they were beautiful and unique, like nothing she had seen before, but there was another reason that she loved them so much - the whole story behind Kalila Blue themselves:
All Profits go to their charity's UK work.
The company was founded by two UK working mums in 2013 and is owned by a registered charity that specialises in working with and mentoring young people. They source designer jewellery from UK based designers, including; silver, handmade, contemporary and vintage jewellery, silver charms and bracelets, pearl and diamond earrings along with much more. This allows their customers to purchase luxury, designer jewellery in an accessible and hassle-free way to suit every budget and occasion.

Quite frankly, I never want to buy my jewellery from anywhere else! The items available range from perfect gifts for my 8 year old niece, to my 83 year old grandmother. I found the perfect present for my soon-to-be sister-in-law's hen-do too. The concept behind the company is one that I love, after all there are not many brands out there nowadays where 100% of sales are put straight into the charity behind them. They also offer polite and confident customer service so I'm sure that you will be extremely happy with any future purchase you make.
I have chosen my favourite designs below from the current website range and all links are provided so please click through and have a browse - it is definitely for a good cause! Which woman doesn't want that hanging behind a good purchase?